During my 14-16 months stay in Antarctica as the network admin, I’ve come to a very simple conclusion: Internet sucks (when it’s there.) To this avail, my wintering team of 26 gals and guys will be faced with their computers, tablets, phones, and all devices, without an internet connection. Surprisingly, there’s WiFi all over the base. This is to access a very rudimentary intranet that hosts an email server, weather data, a shared drive and some minimal services. Now I have a lot of free time on my hand, surely there must be something I can do about this. Now, being the administrator of every computer on this network, I’m one of the very few people with access to internet via satellite (VSAT), and a multitude of servers.

So I’ve decided to become my own ISP and start my very own internet here in the southernmost desolate frozen continent on Earth. I’ll call it PiNGUINet. Or something catchier (name pending.)

There will be a tutorial following soon, when my duties and free time allow it, but also after running and testing everything I’m writing about.

The posts coming in the next few days and weeks will detail my epic self-hosted adventure in my new humble abode: Antarctica.


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